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World Championship Checkers is a highly sophisticated checkers program. On contemporary PC computers, WCC can search at three or four million positions per second. The endgame databases are more highly compressed than those of any other program, and database access is more than three times faster than that of any other checkers program. This allows computers with much less RAM to access these incredible databases and still perform well. WCC also features Perfect Play Lookup (PPL) databases, which allow the program to announce a win from as far away as 253 plies (127 moves for the winner, 126 for the loser) playing optimally and instantly on either the winning or the losing side. No other checkers program features PPL databases, because no one but the Dodgen/Trice team has computed them! 

WCC now features: 

  • A vastly improved search engine with much more efficient tree pruning. This allows WCC to search more deeply, more quickly, and make more critical assessments of positions.
  • Accelerated database lookup code makes WCC outperform all checkers programs on the market. The WCC databases are much smaller and are accessed three to four times faster than those of all other available checkers programs. This translates into greater playing strength and search depths, and allows the program to perform well on computers with much less memory.
  • A new opening book generated with a learning feature, which is more effective than dropout expansion since it is flawless, and not just limited to the search horizon.
  • New heuristics enable WCC to see won positions much more quickly than any program on the market! Thoroughly tested routines have enabled WCC Platinum to instantly solve difficult 12- and 14-piece positions which other programs would require hours of searching to solve.
  • WCC is only checkers program in the world with Perfect Play Lookup (PPL) databases (invented by Gil Dodgen and Ed Trice), that allow the program to play endgames perfectly! These are not the vastly inferior "conversion" databases. WCC's PPL databases are truly perfect! Click here for an explanation of the difference between conversion and perfect play databases.
  • The coolest, best-designed graphical user interface. WCC's new speed bar makes using the program a breeze, greatly facilitating study and analysis.
  • Memory optimization. WCC allows the user to have full control over memory allocation for the databases and hash tables. This will allow you to fully optimize WCC for maximum performance on your individual computer.