Do You Need To Be A Math Wiz To Play Checkers?

Have Fun

When you play checkers online, it is a great way to be exposed to players of many different skill levels, which is vital if you are looking for more than a casual game on the front porch with the kids. You’ll need to become a strategic player. Online play will also allow you to work on specific parts of the game like openings and end-game setups.

Do You Need To Be A Math Wiz To Play Checkers?  Of course not, just have fun!

Learn from the masters – there are many resources for learning classic positions, both online and in print. Three books to consider for beginners’ strategy tips:


Positioning Your Checker Pieces

  • Keeping your pieces in the middle of the board gives you more options. Pieces on the sides have limited mobility, but are better protected if you plan to get them crowned.
  • Avoid the corners; avoid being trapped. “True corners” (upper right and lower left) provide only a single exit square, limiting your mobility.
  • Keep your pieces close together, especially in the late stages of the game. Scattered men are more comfortable to pick off.


Sacrifice Is Sometimes Required
When you’re ahead in piece count, exchanging men can increase the proportion of your advantage. An exchange means letting one of your pieces become captured, but only if the capturing piece becomes vulnerable at the end of its turn.
You will lose pieces, so plan on it. It is okay to sacrifice pieces if you can keep the piece count even and it advances your strategy.

You almost certainly have a specialist on guidelines in very close closeness. Since checkers is a favorite game for quite some time, it’s likely that one of your aged family members is intimately familiar with the overall game and can quickly bring you up to date on basic guidelines. If you don’t have a member of the family close by who’s efficient with checkers, you might expand your search to folks who attend your home of worship or people who are mixed up in civic golf clubs where you presently hold membership.

If for some reason those contacts do not yield someone who is willing and able to teach you checkers rules, you might consider volunteering at a retirement home. Chances are quite right that one of the residents would welcome the opportunity to show checkers to a willing pupil. Not only will you have the chance to learn checkers rules from someone who has played for years; you also get to enjoy the benefit of spending time with someone who can offer you access to memories and experiences that are not part of your life right now.


Should you be a little shy about asking someone to teach you basic checkers rules, there are a couple of other avenues you can take. Take a trip to your local library or bookstore and locate a book that contains instructions on playing checkers. There are several on the market to a day that will take you step by step through the process.