The Best Day I Ever Had Playing Checkers

Best Day Ever

Checkers might seem basically simple to some people but truthfully speaking this is the toughest and most interesting game I have ever played in my life. One interesting fact I realized about checkers is that its simplicity or complexity is determined by the parties involved in the game. You can take a couple of minutes playing checkers with one party while on the other hand, you can take hours with another.


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Before I go any further, I would like to share with you a personal story…a personal experience that was the best day I ever had playing checkers.


How It All Started

All my life, I’ve always believed that I was an expert in the game of checkers. Well, true as this may be, I was convinced otherwise one afternoon when I was on vacation in Brazil.


On this afternoon I had boarded a bus to Salvador to see an old friend when I met a boy who carried something interesting. Initially, I had thought that the only game played in Brazil is football. So when I sat next to a boy holding a checkers board in the bus, I felt that I had to ask for a challenge. That was of course after a little chat.

bus stop

Facts About Checkers

They say that you’ve got to know the rules of the game, then play it better than everybody else. Basically, the rules of checkers are simple.

  1. Moves are only allowed diagonally on dark squares
  2. A non-capturing move may move only one square
  3. A capturing move leaps over one of the opponent’s pieces
  4. A captured piece is removed from the board
  5. A piece is crowned king when it reaches the furthest row from the player controlling the piece
  6. Kings can jump and capture backward and forward but are limited to diagonal movement.

As you already know, checkers is a mind involving a game that requires thinking and a great deal of focus. So when I asked for the challenge, I was sure I’d win.


Facing The Unexpected

After three hours of a silent battle, I had lost two games with no king and I was on a third. As the game progressed, I realized what was really happening was that I was playing alone. Well, not alone ideally but my opponent used my own moves to beat me.


My opponent intentionally gave me an opportunity to win one piece while he won two. You may argue that this is a trick most people know, but in this game, something else happened. My opponent was always a step ahead of me. He could predict my next move.

on the bus

A Complete Turn Of Events

In the third game, things were different since I had learned from my mistakes. Every move I made was well calculated. The atmosphere was tense and we were both anxious. Streaks of sweat had started forming on our foreheads. It was at this time that I remembered the fundamental rule in checkers- “lead your opponent into a mistake.”


The trick was to lure him to be king while I hid the next blow. The excitement of being king and finally beating me made him lose his guard. I took advantage of this opportunity and I landed my opponent blow by blow with each take throwing him into a panic.


Well, you can guess what happened finally. Irrespective of the final turnout however, I knew deep down in me that I had won out of sheer luck. This was the best day I ever had playing checkers and I couldn’t let another game prove me otherwise, so I preferred to go see my old friend instead.

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