The Best Day I Ever Had Playing Checkers

Best Day Ever

Checkers might seem basically simple to some people but truthfully speaking this is the toughest and most interesting game I have ever played in my life. One interesting fact I realized about checkers is that its simplicity or complexity is determined by the parties involved in the game. You can take a couple of minutes playing checkers with one party while on the other hand, you can take hours with another.


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How To Master Checkers

Master The Game

The board game checkers is a classic that involves moving your pieces diagonally forward with the goal of claiming your opponent’s pieces while ensuring your pieces remain on the board. The game is both simple yet requires a well thought out strategy. By planning and using simple tactics you can ensure yourself control of the game. In order for this to happen, there are four key strategies that you will need to learn.

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Do You Need To Be A Math Wiz To Play Checkers?

Have Fun

When you play checkers online, it is a great way to be exposed to players of many different skill levels, which is vital if you are looking for more than a casual game on the front porch with the kids. You’ll need to become a strategic player. Online play will also allow you to work on specific parts of the game like openings and end-game setups.…

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Is Checkers Really A Sport?

Break the boredom by playing a game of Checkers, also known as Draughts in Great Britain. Designed to be played by two players on a board, this game requires the execution of strategies in order to win your opponent. To an untrained eye, it looks like the players just use a piece to jump over other pieces. This cannot be further than the truth since Checkers is played under a set of rules like other sports.


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Get To Know A Few Checker Champions

Checkers, also known worldwide as Draughts, is a simple game to learn but a difficult one to master. In 2017 79 players qualified to play in the World Draughts Championships through competing and winning in several championships held in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Several people have mastered the game at a world level here are just a few of their stories.…

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The History of The Game Checkers

History of Checkers

The game of checkers is a classic family game. Today, the game is played internationally, much like chess. While it consists of a board similar to that of a chessboard and shares the same characteristics of chess, checkers remains unique. One of the ways checkers is different from chess is that it is easier to draw your opponent. In fact, while the game is called “checkers” in American English, the British call the game “Draughts,” which derives from the root word to draw. It is also …

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